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Assembly Verification

Operator Guidance Screenshot

Operator Guidance

We guide your operator through digital work instructions. Connect your MES to automatically generate matching instructions.
Speed up onboarding of new employees and without the need of experienced workers by deploying the solution on a separate training station.

Real-time Error Prevention

We automatically track manual assembly activities to identify mistakes in real-time. The operator receives immediate feedback via our UI, a signal light or any other device connected to our API. This prevents errors at the earliest possible point in the production process.

Real-time Error Prevention Screenshot
Process Optimization Screenshot

Process Optimization

Use production rate and cycle time tracking to get transparency about your manual assembly processes. Compare data to discover and measure optimizations.
Coming soon: Privacy-secure capture of video sequences to automatically track anomalies and common failure patterns.

In-Line Quality Control

Product Check Screenshot

Product Check

We help you decrease scrap rates by detecting defective parts or false components with high accuracy and without the need of manual inspection. Integrate visual product checks in the workflow of your operator or use it to automate quality inspection processes.

Production Analysis

Analyze your production data from the last hours, days or even weeks. Get transparency about bottlenecks and defect rates. Browse the recorded error history to identify exact issues.

Production Analysis Screenshot


Kevin Denker

Kevin Denker


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