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Process Quality

Coming soon.

Error prevention

We automatically track manual assembly activities to identify mistakes in real-time.

Operator training

Use our software for guided operator training on a separate training station.

Data transparency

Use our data connectivity for transparency about your manual assembly processes.

Process optimization

Optimize your processes based on our data analysis to identify error-prone process steps.

Product Quality

Real-time product inspection

Decrease scrap rates as defective parts are detected with a higher accuracy and without the need of manual inspection.

Production analysis

Analyze your production data from the last hours, days or even weeks and use it to optimize production settings.

Build your own AI-model

Independently learn new products and product defects into the AI model using our no-code software.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start using your software? Can I test the software?

Arrange a no-obligation demo appointment with us, during which we will demonstrate the system's capabilities and work with you to develop a concept for the test phase.

Is your software GDPR compliant / Is my data secure?

Our software complies with the principles of the GDPR regulation. Our hardware devices (such as cameras or sensors) do not store sensitive data at any time. Moreover, in most cases, the software is installed locally on an edge device. Thus, at no time does data leave their production halls.

Let us define together the best solution based on your requirements. We are happy to support you.

How much does the system cost?

Our prices are based on the size of the company and the number of workstations required. Our pricing structure is a hybrid of affordable initial investment for the purchase of the hardware devices and monthly license fee.

Schedule a no-obligation demo appointment with us to discuss your requirements and receive a detailed quote for a trial period.

Quality assurance redefined

Zero defect assembly:
Empowering the frontline with video analytics and machine learning.

Process Quality

Learn more about how we can help you increase your product quality below.

Product Quality

Learn more about how we can help you increase your process quality below.

The proof-of-concept demonstrated great promise for our quality of manual assembly, where we are continuously innovating, in addition to overall efficiency.

Parker Stuart

Quality Engineer

We have deployed ANTICIPATE in one of our assembly lines with very promising results. We were able to reduce operator training times by 38% and cut assembly related quality issues in half.

Sarah Jones

Process Planning Engineer

We are enthusiastic about the collaboration with ANTICIPATE. This agreement is the first step in the development of an integrated solution that enables us to provide added value to our production line.

Riley Jones

Quality Assurance

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